Free, up-to-date maps are a critical resource when relief organizations are responding to disasters or political crises. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) creates and provides those maps.

  • Collaborative Maps for Humanitarian Aid

    Reaching those in need through maps

    When major disaster strikes anywhere in the world, HOT rallies a huge network of volunteers to create, online, the maps that enable responders to reach those in need.

    Putting the world's vulnerable people and places on the map

    Many of the poorest and most vulnerable places in the world do not exist on any map. To date over 3,500 Missing Maps volunteers have collectively made 12 million edits to OpenStreetMap and put 7.5 million people on the map.

  • Community

    Creating better maps with communities

    HOT supports community mapping projects around the world and assists people to create their own maps for socio-economic development and disaster preparedness.

    Training governments, NGOs, students and volunteers

    HOT organizes and facilitates customized training workshops in open data and open source mapping and GIS tools.

  • Technical Projects

    Deploying new technology to serve the humanitarian and open data communities

    HOT develops several open source programs and applications to leverage collaborative mapping and the use of new technologies in the field of geographic information for humanitarian aid. Check them out!

  • Partnerships

    Working together for a better world

    HOT assists international organizations as well as governments and first responders with mapping needs during disaster. Additionally, HOT participates in various long-term projects with our partners.

The organization

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    A team of dedicated community leaders, staff, contractors, volunteers, and interns lead HOT's work

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