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Disaster Services — 01 July, 2022

Affected Buildings of Afghanistan in June 2022

The following map is an analysis to estimatimate the number of structures affected using OSM data and InaSafe.

“InaSAFE is free software that produces realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities.” It can be used in conjunction with OSM data, to estimate affected elements 1 in a selected area using OSM data or other datasets.

Estimated number of structures affected per MMI intensity

Hazard source: Shaking Intensity Area - USGS -
Exposure source: Building - OpenStreetMap -
Aggregation source: District Affected - source not available -
Impact Function: Earthquake Polygon On Structures Polygon

MMI Shake Intensity Number of Affected Buildings
IV Light 26,800
V Moderate 2,700
VI Strong 4,300
VIII Severe 11,800
IX Violent 1,200
Total 46,800


Estimated number of structures affected per district.2

District Name Number of Affected Buildings
Sharana 405
Sar Hawza 45
Spera 10,147
Zurmat District 103
Mandozayi 1,277
Urgun 510
Gardez District 24,766
Tani 2,769
Musakhel 1
Shamal 196
Surobi 4
Gurbuz 107
Ahmadabad 460
Gayan 2,905
Mata Khan 1
Nika 67
Ziruk 587
Barmal 837
Zadran 615
Khost District 132
Nadir Shah Kot 202
Tirazayi 2
No Information 662
Total 46,800

1. Affected: An exposure element (e.g. people, roads, buildings, land cover) that experiences a hazard (e.g. tsunami, flood, earthquake) and endures consequences (e.g. damage, evacuation, displacement, death) due to that hazard.
1. The impacts on roads, people, buildings and other exposure elements may be underestimated if the exposure data are incomplete