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Disaster Services — 21 February, 2022

Odette Typhon 2021 Conclusion

Tropical Cyclone Odette 2021 Activation Stats:

Community Mappers Total number of Mappers from Missing Maps

Total Map Edits Total number of edits from Missing Maps

Buildings Mapped Total number of buildings mapped from Missing Maps

Roads Mapped (KM) Total length of roads mapped from Missing Maps

Tropical Cyclone Odette 2021 Response has concluded.


Tropical Cyclone Odette response focused on activities to support OSM Philippines and their efforts to generate map data useful to the response and recovery from Typhoon Odette/International Name: Rai.


  • Good response from OSM PH Community when HOT contacted them to initiate the activation.
  • This activation showed the maturity of OSM Community in the context of planning the activation as communication, mapping area and building preferences, mapping and validation process were all led by the community while HOT only supported the coordination and documentation.
  • On the other hand, how the data from the mapping activity used by relevant actors remains a challenge both for OSM PH community and HOT to be prepared in the next activation.