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Disaster Services — 05 January, 2022

Marshall Fire 2021 Size-up

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'pai Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami has been sized-up.


“This forest fire can have a low humanitarian impact based on the and the affected population and their vulnerability.”

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Size-up Details

Event Name:Marshall Fire
GDACS Alert Lvl:Green .5
Location: Colorado, USA
Geographic Scope: Country
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: Cities
Estimated Duration: Day(s) to week(s)
Event Scope: Minor
Local Contacts: OSM US
Anticipated Needs: Imagery and Import Assistance
Request(s): There are no requests from partners currently
Need for Activation: Likely/ongoing support for post-event imagery, potentially support needed for importing existing data.
Active Orgs: OSM US, MAXAR, HOT
Lead Orgs: OSM-Colorado