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Disaster Services — 24 June, 2022

Afghanistan Earthquake 2022 Size-up

M 5.9 in Afghanistan on 21 Jun 2022 has been sized-up.

Context:According to media reports, 920 people have died, over 600 people have been injured and infrastructure was damaged. The most affected province is Paktika Province (south of Khost Province) with at least 200 deaths, but fatalities were also reported in the Provinces of Khost and Nangarhar. The seismic event was also felt in Pakistan and India. Source: ECHO, 22 June 2022 Bangladesh

Size-up Details

Event Name:Afghanistan Earthquake 2022
GDACS Alert Lvl:Red (2.3)
Location: Eastern Afghanistan (Paktika Province, Khost and Nangarhar
Geographic Scope: multiple cities
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: Thousands of fatalities and injured
Estimated Duration: Days to Weeks
Event Scope: Major
Local Contacts: OpenStreetMap Afghanistan and Pakistan
Anticipated Needs: Basemap improvement and publication support
Request(s): Publication support and map the affected areas in Tasking Manager
Need for Activation: Likely
Active Orgs: OpenStreetMap Afghanistan
Lead Orgs: HOTOSM