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Disaster Services — 05 August, 2020

Beirut Port Explosion Size-up

Beirut Port Explosion has been sized-up

Size-up Details

Event Name: Beirut Port Explosion
Type ofEvent: Sudden Onset
Location: The Port in Beirut, Lebanon
Geographic Scope: Significant portion of a City
Estimated Humanitarian Impact:Likely the fatalities will surpass 100 but early numbers were claiming deaths in the ~70 range with thousands injured and potentially ~.5 million displaced.
Estimated Duration: Day(s) to Week(s)
Event Scope: Moderate Event Anticipated Needs: This will be a post-event mapping only, so we need to make sure we coordinate with locals to decide what tagging to use and how best to determine damaged, destroyed, etc.
Local Contacts:This is an area I am still exploring, likely there is a community due to the amount of POIs and detail of the mapping. We know of some volunteer mappers who were nearby, but not local to Beirut.
Request(s): Mappers in the area asking what can be done
Need for Activation: A full activation is not required as everything is mapped, we would be in a support role to the local Lebanise mappers to determine tags, potential process & host imagery if some is captured and generally help with documentation and any other needs of the community.