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Disaster Services — 30 January, 2022

Bogoso Explosion Size-up

Bogoso Explosion 2022 has been sized-up.

Size-up Details

Event Name:Bogoso Explosion 2022
GDACS Alert Lvl: NA
Location: Bogoso-Apiatse, Ghana
Geographic Scope: Village
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 13 fatalities, 100s injured
Estimated Duration: Day(s) to week(s)
Event Scope: Minor
Local Contacts: OSM Ghana - Stephen Mawutor Donkor
Anticipated Needs: Assistance with Imagery & documentation
Request(s): Request for assistance with imagery
Need for Activation: Only need to support local OSM Ghana community, capable of organizing response
Active Orgs: OSM Ghana, MAXAR, HOT
Lead Orgs: OSM Ghana