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Disaster Services — 07 July, 2022

Debrief and After Action Review Ana: Batsirai and Emnati Cyclones

Debrief and After Action Review for Ana Batsirai and Emnati Cyclones is available now.


Context: “Cyclones ANA and BATSIRAI caused considerable damage in Madagascar in January and early February. The “Bureau National de la Gestion des Risques et des Catastrophes (BNGRC)” estimated that cyclone Batsirai threatened more than 600,000 people. As part of the emergency response, this mapping project is being implemented to assist emergency actors in the field”

  • OSM Madagascar, February 10 2022


  • Good: Most of the Tasks were completed on time except for a few that had misleading mapping instructions.
  • Good: Over the total duration, the projects were amended and went reasonably well, and were well organized.

  • Needs to be Improved: Mapping instructions to reduce complications for beginner mappers
  • Needs to be Improved: Early projects were overly ambitious for beginners and led to a heavy workload validating

  • Bad: Delayed Response to Validators comments leading to some of them being frustrated.
  • Bad: Focussed the mapping on buildings. There were variable skill levels and buildings were often grouped as a single item. Some residential areas were mapped with villages or hamlets required. The brief did not make clear the difference. In some residential areas, mapped mappers did not map the buildings. There were I think I remember mappers who logged in and mapped nothing and submitted it as complete. The overall experience was that the projects were a success.