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Disaster Services — 14 July, 2022

Debrief and After Action Review Support: South Sudan 2022 Floods

Support for OSM South Sudan and MSF for the South Sudan Floods 2022 has concluded.


“More than 220,000 people have been affected by the flooding in South Sudan’s Unity State, according to the UN migration agency. The floods have caused food shortages, malnutrition in children, and a surge in the spread of various diseases. Parts of South Sudan are experiencing their worst flooding in 60 years with the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) blaming climate change for the disaster.” April 2022, CGTN


  • Projects Mapped and Validated (12506) (12505) (12507) and (12362)
  • Features mapped 1860 buildings (12505)
  • 23,064 buildings added (12506)
  • 39,429 buildings added (12362)
  • 54,734 buildings mapped(12507)


  • [Good job at] Keeping them volunteers to date regularly about current, future, and past tasks.
  • [Good job at] Sharing the progress of the mapping of the area of interest.
  • The Spreadsheet to keep track of the progress was handy.
  • Liked the Involvement of the local OSM community in the mapping.
  • OSM Community: The community intended to map the areas of Fangak, Bor, Jonglei, Unity state, Central Equatoria, Bentiu and Malakal areas in South Sudan but also mapped Leinken and Leer special tasks for MSF the partner.


  • Good: Mobilisation and connecting the OSM community to the data users MSF.
  • Needs to be Improved: Not any on this one. Reaction and participation from the local community, as well as data users, were good. One of the data users actually liked the approach of collaboration and exchanging
  • Bad: The attempt to use MapWith AI for buildings was not a success and Geoffrey changed it back to mapping directly