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Disaster Services — 09 July, 2022

East Timor Flood 2022 Activation

East Timor Flood 2022 Activation Stats:

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This is in activation by Open Mapping Hub and POI to support World Vision in its response to the Floodings in the country.

Context: The eastern part of Timor Leste was hit by a flood recently, and at the moment the data shows that the hardest-hit municipalities are:

  • Covalima: 247 households affected (=547 people)

  • Viqueque: 416 HHs (=1004 people)

  • Manufahi: 206 HHs (=1014 people)

Other areas are also affected with minimum impacts: Ainaro (3HHs), Baucau ( 11 HHs), and Bobonaro (1HH). Please bear in mind that these data are not yet verified and will potentially increase but it will give you an idea of the scale of the impact. In Covalima, the water has decreased and some people have returned to their homes, but in the other two areas (Viqueque and Manufahi) most people are still evacuating.

The media also broadcasted the news:

Here is the list of projects to map the affected area: