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Disaster Services — 08 July, 2022

East Timor Flood 2022 Size-up

The June-July floods in East Timor have been sized-up.

Context:Over 800 households have been affected by floods in East Timor. 247 households in Covalima; 416 households in Viqueque; 206 in Manufahi.
Source: World Vision Timor Leste

Size-up Details

Event Name:East Timor Flood 2022
GDACS Alert Lvl:NA
Location:Covalima, Viqueque and Manufahi District, East Timor
Geographic Scope: City
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 1.Covalima : 247 households affected (=547 people) 2.Viqueque: 416 HHs (=1004 people) 3.Manufahi: 206 HHs (=1014 people)
Estimated Duration: Days
Event Scope: Minor
Local Contacts: World Vision Timor Leste
Anticipated Needs: Basemap Improvement
Request(s): Support to map the area
Need for Activation: Likely
Active Orgs: World Vision Timor Leste, Open Mapping Hub and POI
Lead Orgs: Open Mapping Hub and POI