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Disaster Services — 30 October, 2020

Izmir Earthquake 2020 Size-up

2020 Aegean Sea earthquake Activation Stats:

Community Mappers Total number of Mappers from Missing Maps

Total Map Edits Total number of edits from Missing Maps

Buildings Mapped Total number of buildings mapped from Missing Maps

Roads Mapped (KM) Total length of roads mapped from Missing Maps

"The quake has left severe damage to the structures and infrastructures in different areas of Bornova and Bayraklı regions of the city, pushing the residents to flee in panic into the streets." Source: Turkish Red Crescent

Size-up Details

Event Name: Izmir Earthquake 2020 (Working Title)
Type ofEvent: Rapid onset
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Geographic Scope: Regional/limited
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: USGS PAGER Alert is Yellow for Estimated Casualties: (some casualties are possible)
Estimated Economic Loss: (Significant damage is likely and the disaster is potentially widespread. Estimated economic losses are less than 1% of GDP of Turkey. Past events with this alert level have required a regional or national level response.)
Estimated Duration: Week(s) to Month(s) ‐ looking at the area defined in the 2 projects it will take a significant amount of effort to complete the mapping, most buildings in Izmir and surrounding region are not yet mapped.
Event Scope: Moderate
Local Leads: Yer Çizenler
Anticipated Needs: Support Yer Çizenler mapping efforts: communications, documentation, quality assurance
Request(s): Prioritization of Yer Çizenler response task in TM HOT Current Capacity: Current capacity to support this response is good
Need for Activation: Low (Yer Çizenler is leading ‐ global HOT resources will likely only be needed for support)