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Disaster Services — 05 October, 2021

Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 Conclusion

Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 Activation Stats:

Community Mappers Total number of Mappers from Missing Maps

Total Map Edits Total number of edits from Missing Maps

Buildings Mapped Total number of buildings mapped from Missing Maps

Roads Mapped (KM) Total length of roads mapped from Missing Maps

The Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 activation has concluded.


The Mediterranean Fires Activation was launched upon a request from the Local Algeria OSM community. Hamdouche Mourad made the request and gave the initial area of interest (AOI).
Russell Deffner (Disaster Response Coordinator) compared the given AOI to the fire perimeters in Algeria that were shown on GDACS and there was good overlap but to keep the projects tighter to the area affected, he used the fire perimeters from GDACS, as a second larger fire had developed.
The activation ended up with 3 projects to cover the initial fire and 5 projects to cover the second. Even with the heavy load on projects from Haiti and South Sudan projects (both 20+ projects), these all went quite fast; validation staying very close (~20% difference between mapped % and validated).


  • Using the fire perimeters and QGIS to make a convex hull around the area worked very well to create projects
  • Look for more resilient ways communication platforms/ways to reach the local community throughout the activation.
  • Better coordination between assessment of teams capacity and activation decisions.
  • The project was scaled down from the original scope of 5 countries for 2 instead.
  • In Algeria 8 projects were completely mapped and validated.
  • In Turkey, the OSM community helped translate information regarding the activation into Arabic, and HOT shared a map of the fires created by the Turkish community.