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Disaster Services — 13 August, 2021

Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 Size-up

Request to activate for various wildfires around the Mediterranean Sea: Algeria, Greece, Italy, Tunisia & Turkey.

Size-up Details

Event Name: Mediterranean Wildfires 2021
Type ofEvent: Sudden onset
Location: Algeria, Greece, Italy, Tunisia & Turkey
Geographic Scope: Mediterranean Region
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 1000s diplaced, significant fatalities in Algeria, short-term internal diplacement will be high in the region
Estimated Duration: Week(s) to Month(s)
Event Scope: Moderate
Local Contacts: Hamdouche Mourad - OSM Algeria, Can Unen - HOT Turkey/YC
Anticipated Needs:Base data in impacted areas, support with imagery coordination and tasking.
Request(s): General basemap data improvement request
Requesting Org(s): OSM Algeria
Current capacity to support GREEN - Capacity is Good to manage a respons
Need for Activation: Possibly
Lead Org(s): HOT, Yer Çizenler
Active Orgs: HOT, Yer Çizenler, OSM Algeria