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Disaster Services — 04 August, 2022

N'Beika City Floods Mauritania Size-Up

The N'Beika City Floods Mauritania has been sized-up.

Context:“The city of N’Beika submerged at 90%, according to the daily emergency

90% of the city of N’beika, within the municipality of Tamourt Ennaaj in the wilaya of Tagant is submerged.

This is indicated by the Emergency Management Commission, in its daily bulletin dated Tuesday, August 2, according to which 575 families were affected by the floods.” Source: Teleafrique

Size-up Details

Event Name:N’Beika City Floods Mauritania
GDACS Alert Lvl:NA
Geographic Scope: City
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 90% submerged and 575 families affected
Estimated Duration: days to weeks
Event Scope: Minor
Local Contacts: OSM Mauritania
Anticipated Needs: Mapping and Validation campaign to finish the project
Request(s): Rescue teams form Red Cross requested for the data
Need for Activation: Likely
Active Orgs: OSM Mauritania with support of HOT and other OSM community members worldwide
Lead Orgs: OSM Mauritania