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Disaster Services — 30 October, 2020

Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni has been sized-up.

Size-up Details

Event Name: Tropical Cyclone Goni (International Name)
Type ofEvent: Slow Onset (days before impact)
Location: Western Pacific
Geographic Scope: Multiple Countries (Philippines and Vietnam)
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 3.5 Million impacted by Category 1 or Higher
Estimated Duration: Days to Weeks
Event Scope: Minor to Moderate Anticipated Needs: Although this has a higher threat to people than TC Molave, it will also cross the more mapped area of the Philippines. Some basemap may still be needed.
Local Contacts: OSM PH
Request(s): None Yet
HOT Current Capacity: Current capacity to initiate a response is good
Need for Activation: Low to Moderate