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Disaster Services — 06 February, 2023

Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response February 2023 Size-up

M 7.8 in Türkiye on 06 Feb 2023 has been sized-up.

Context: “Close to 2,000 deaths have been reported in Türkiye and north-west Syria on 6 February as a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye at 4:17 am. This is Türkiye’s most powerful earthquake recorded since 1939. At least 78 aftershocks have been reported followed by a second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude at 13:24 with the epicenter in Ekinozu/Kahramanmaras province. Tremors were reportedly felt in Gaziantep and neighboring provinces. The Government of Türkiye has since issued a Level 4 alarm, calling for international assistance. The earthquake also heavily impacted north-west Syria, a region where 4.1 million people depend on humanitarian assistance today. The majority are women and children. At this time, Syrian communities are simultaneously hit with an on-going cholera outbreak and harsh winter events including heavy rain and snow over the weekend. The humanitarian response is largely overstretched with a funding gap of 48 per cent identified for the last quarter of 2022 (US$371.1 is required out of 802.1 million). The UN and partners are monitoring the situation on the ground amidst information flow constraints due to chronic telecommunication disruptions and power shortages. Infrastructural damages are difficult to assess at this time and roads have been reportedly blocked in both Türkiye and north-west Syria. (OCHA, 6 Feb 2023)” Source:ReliefWeb, 7th of Feb, 2023 -

Size-up Details

Event Name:Türkiye Earthquakes February 2023
GDACS Alert Lvl:Red (3.0)
Location: Central Türkiye
Geographic Scope: Significant Portion of the Country
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: Thousands of fatalities and injured
Estimated Duration: Weeks to Months
Event Scope: Major
Local Contacts: Yer Çizenler
Anticipated Needs:The larger population centers near epicenter are fairly well mapped but there are plenty of areas that could use basemap improvements in the impacted area.
Request(s): ✓ There are no requests from partners currently
Need for Activation: Likely
Active Orgs: HOT, Yer Çizenler
Lead Orgs: Yer Çizenler