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Disaster Services — 06 October, 2022

Uganda: Ebola Outbreak - Sep 2022 Size-up

The Uganda: Ebola Outbreak - Sep 2022 has been Size-up.

Context:“On 19 September 2022, the Uganda Virus Research Institute released results of a confirmed Ebola Sudan case. This is a 24-year male from Mubende district. Preliminary investigations of this event conducted by the National Rapid Response Team between 17-18 September revealed six other suspected deceased cases recorded between 1-15 September in the same district. As of 25 September, a total of 36 cases including 18 confirmed and 18 probable cases have been reported, with 23 deaths (CFR 64%). Three districts have so far been affected: Mubende, the epicentre (32 cases), Kyegegwa (3 confirmed cases) and Kassanda (1 confirmed case). Almost 67% of cases are females and 37% are aged below 20 years. Thirty five patients are currently in admission including 22 suspected and 13 confirmed cases. A total of 399 contacts have been listed with a 26% follow-up rate in the past 24hrs. “
Source: WHO, 25 Sep 2022 through Relief Web

Size-up Details

Event Name:Uganda: Ebola Outbreak - Sep 2022
Geographic Scope: Country
Estimated Humanitarian Impact: 43 confirmed cases and 9 Deaths
Estimated Duration: Months
Event Scope: Moderate Local Contacts: Uganda Red Cross, MSF, OSM Uganda, IFRC
Anticipated Needs: Basemap Improvement
Request(s): Documentation, Basemap improvement, Information products, Partnerships
Need for Activation: Unikely
Active Orgs: Uganda Red Cross, MSF, OSM Uganda, IFRC
Lead Orgs:OSM Uganda