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Ana Prada

StaffProject Associate - Latin America and Caribbean Hub


Ana lives in Bogota, Colombia. She is an urban explorer and a HOT member; she spends most of her free time biking and walking the city. She is passionate about understanding the city’s political economy and how cities connect us all on human, cultural, and economic levels to understand the differences between a thriving and an impoverished community.

Her work has focused on access to affordable housing, mobility, urban informality, and environmental justice. She has also worked on developing participatory methodologies for data collection and spatial analysis that focus on community development and social justice.

She believes that equitable cities can only be achieved by implementing creative bottom-up policies that focus on investing in communities. She advocates for creating cities that can transform us back into thinking and caring human beings, converting cities from consumption centers to centers of fulfilment.


Indigenous worldview in community forestry management through open data

Explore the Open Cities Guatemala Project, enhancing Indigenous autonomy in San José Poaquil. Discover the innovative use of geographic data, participatory mapping, and tech-enabled applications in sustainable community forestry management.

1 February, 2024

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