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Awantika Pal

StaffCommunications Associate - Asia Pacific


Awantika is the Communications Associate at HOT for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Awantika spent some formative years in the U.S. completing her education and gaining valuable work experience. She has prior work experience in working with local non-profits such as Institute for Local Self-Reliance, D.C. Greens, and The Richmond Neighborhood Center, supporting them in communications and program management. She is passionate about using campaigning, communications, and advocacy as a medium to amplify the voice of the local movements and support humanitarian development causes.


Announcing Booster Grants for Communities and Organizations in the Asia-Pacific

The Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific is excited to announce the “Booster Grants” to meet the hub's vision to “create a sustainable OSM ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.”

23 September, 2021

OSM Kerala - The past, present, and future.

An overview of OSM Kerala's inspiring journey and continued efforts to strengthen the use of OSM in Kerala for disaster response and community development.

30 July, 2021

Colonialism in Open Data and Mapping

The Humanitarian Mapping Community Working Group organized the webinar “Colonialism in Open Data and Mapping” to examine the influence of colonialism on how the...

15 June, 2021

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