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Using motorcycles to survey in Haiti

Hey All,As part of the CAP103 project, financed by USAID, being run in the North of Haiti right now we have started coordinating motorcycles for survey purposes.[inline:IMG_2619.JPG]The purpose of using the motos is two-fold:1. To be able to transport teams of OSM surveyors to remote locations it would otherwise be difficult to reach.2. To be able to collect a solid network of GPS traces for the area's major and minor ways. Once collected, they can be used as a resource for setting offsets and positions for any aerial imageries.

28 May, 2013

Graduation for STM020

On the evening of April 24th there was a graduation for the young people from Saint-Marc who participated in the OSM project. As is customary in Haiti, graduations are an important event. And this one was no different. Among those attending were leaders within USAID, other organizations, and the mayor of Saint-Marc. Many people gave speeches, certificates were dispersed, and there was even a song created by the participants about their experiences.Here is a picture of the mayor of Saint-Marc addressing the program graduates.Friend Marc-Henry and USAID communicated how pleased they were with the project and the desire to see a program like this happen in the next location.

29 April, 2012

Coming to a close in Saint Marc

Hey kiddoes!Brian checking in from Saint-Marc. We are in the final throws of the program here. Hard to believe 3 months is wrapping up. Bananas.The team and trainees here has pretty sufficiently mapped the entirety of Saint-Marc. The last week we have been focusing on quality control, and enhancing the data that is already in OSM. Things have been going well with that, the advanced have really stepped up to show their skills.Other than that there has been much council forming and meetings of the active youth members in the forming of COSMHA-STM, which will be the Saint-Marc chapter of the Community OSM Haiti. Appointments and elections have finished, congrats to them.

24 April, 2012

Mapping in Saint Marc. Get on board or get out of the way.

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,Checking in from beautiful coastal Saint Marc. Everything has been proceeding along here at a terrific pace. Now that the team of young people to be trained is organized and ready to go the COSMHA team has been busy training and coordinating all these people. Most days start at 7:30 with a COSMHA team meeting. At 8 the youth come and there is a morning lecture. During this time the team finishes up the preparation of any materials for the days activities and maybe participates in a training them selves.

2 February, 2012

Setting Up in Saint Marc, Haiti

Having had a brief moment to get out footing in Saint Marc, we were supplied with our next missions to accomplish. The supplies for the team to conduct their work and training in Saint Marc arrived and with it came the need to set up, inventory, and configure all of the equipment for the next weeks work.

28 January, 2012

A week in between Pap and Saint Marc

17-Jan, Tuesday morning, hitting the road to Saint Marc after a couple of days preparing at the HC Resource Center ( It feels good...

27 January, 2012

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