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Carla Habif

StaffProject and Community Associate - Latin America and Caribbean Hub


I joined the Community Team at HOT as a Community Services Associate in March 2022, being passionate about humanitarian work and believing that community centered projects are the best way to develop sustainable changes in the world.

My background is very diverse. I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in History and began to work as an educator. Very early in my career I realized that I wanted my work to have a social impact, so I participated and coordinated projects - in Brazil and abroad - that aimed to promote intercultural dialogue, acting as a facilitator and a conflict mediator.

A while ago I decided I wanted to act directly in the humanitarian area, so I became a PhD candidate in International Relations and joined two Brazilian NGOs as a volunteer, working in the field with communities around the country that face severe poverty conditions. Finding meaning and purpose with humanitarian work, as well as understanding that community centered approaches are the best way to empower communities and develop sustainable changes, I joined HOT, hoping to contribute to the organization’s amazing work.


URBE Latam Encontro Internacional

Neste Fevereiro, a URBE Latam promoveu o encontro da sua equipe internacional em Niterói, no Rio de Janeiro. A ideia central era trazer a equipe dos diferentes países em conjunto para trocar experiências, adquirir novos conhecimentos e refletir sobre os próximos passos na utilização dos dados produzidos e no seguimento do mapeamento.

2 July, 2023

URBE Latam International Meeting

In February, URBE Latam hosted the meeting of its international team in Niterói, Rio de janeiro. The main idea was to bring the team from different countries together to exchange experiences on the process of the mapping projects in Preventório and El Salvador, acquire new knowledge by dialoguing with community members and reflect upon next steps to use the data produced and keep mapping.

2 July, 2023

HOT and TETO: building emergency solutions to improve people’s lives

How a partnership in a local event in Brazil led HOT and TETO to work together towards building concrete emergency solutions to improve the living conditions of communities in situations of precarity and poverty.

24 April, 2023

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