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Mark Cupitt


An Australian, who has resided and worked in the Philippines since the early '90's, I love my adopted home, way of life and the people. In 2012, I retired from Corporate Life, moved away from the "Rat Race" in Luzon to the Southern Philippines with my family.

I subsequently decided to focus my work effort on Mapping Projects, primarily because it gives me a Buzz and it gets me back to my roots. I initially studied Surveying in my early years, but rarely used that knowledge during my career.

Mapping can have a profound effect on people and their lives especially in a Humanitarian Context so it is a very rewarding past time.

In late 2013, Haiyan/Yoland struck the Philippines with a vengeance, passing about 85 miles north of where I live. I went to Panay to help, we delivered aid to many in need. The lack of maps made this difficult and proved to be a turning point for my future focus on mapping.


My Recent Humanitarian Activities


* November 2013 - Typhoon Haiyan/Yolands - Responded in Panay on the Ground delivering aid and supplies to remote regions

* December 2013 - Started my Humanitarian Mapping efforts as a result, attempting to obtain useful maps to assist with delivery

* January 2014 - Started following the [Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team (HOT)]( on the web and email discussion and started to learn JOSM

* March 2104 - Volunteered to Lead the Humanitarian Mapping Response to the [Tharparkar Drought in Pakistan]( Became admin on the HOT [Tasking Manager](

* April 2014 - Created a new MapCSS Style called [HOT-Validation]( assist with Humanitarian Mapping in Remote areas. Idea is to highlight in Red any nodes/ways/relations that do not meet the tagging scheme.

* April 2014 - Validated approx 90 tiles in the HOT Valparaíso, Chile Fires Activation in the Tasking Manager using the new HOT-Validation Style. Success.

December 2014 - Led the Typhoon Ruby Activation in the Philippines. Typhoon Ruby was a category 5 System that made landfall over Eastern Samar, Philippines

February 2015 - Became a Voting Member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team



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