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Osunga Michael Otieno

StaffDigital Mapping & GIS Manager - Eastern and Southern Africa Hub


Osunga Michael Otieno is a Digital Mapping and GIS manager -Plays a critical role in building a culture of “data for decision-making” in the region.

Responsible for producing data analysis, visualizations, and reporting that communicates deep insights and analysis into the various (geospatial) datasets collected through partners in the region.


Unlocking Knowledge and Collaboration: The Open Data Talks Initiative

In the second quarter of 2023, HOT’s Open Mapping Hub - Eastern & Southern Africa (OMH-ESA), in collaboration with open data champions and organizations in Kenya, held a series of talks under the Open Data Talks (ODT) program. This blog post delves into the key findings, challenges, outcomes, successes, and recommendations stemming from the ODT events.

26 September, 2023

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