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Rubén Martín

StaffCommunity Strategist and Research Lead


Rubén is HOT’s Community Strategist and Research Lead, working to support the Humanitarian Open Mapping Movement by building strategies and initiatives based on good quality data and research, as well as identifying opportunities to further HOT’s Audacious aims.

Rubén joined HOT with a long history of 16 years supporting open source communities, he drove and implemented strategies for Mozilla’s multi-stakeholder product and technology teams including Mozilla Support, Common Voice, Mission-Driven Mozillians, Firefox, Pocket, Addons, and Localization, which resulted in a significant reduction in cost, expanded reach, aligned collaboration, and increased contributors’ satisfaction.


Introducing the HOT Community Team

Over the past few months, HOT has assembled a six-person community team to support humanitarian OpenStreetMap community growth across 94 countries. Meet the members and welcome them to the HOT staff team.

8 January, 2021

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