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Séverin Ménard


Severin is qualified in archaeology, geography and GIS. He has broad experience from HOT's field work since 2011. And has been active in many HOT field projects in Haiti, Mongolia and various countries in Africa with outreach, teaching, data collection, as well as remote Crisis Activations, translation, methodologies, database imports and conferences. He contributes to OSM under username sev_hotosm.


HOT Called Upon to Support Disaster Response in Malawi Flooding

The southern parts of Malawi along the Lower Shire River (that connects Lake Malawi and the Zambezi River) are frequently flooded, and that flooding affects the villages of farmers near the river. Since mid January 2015, they have been hit critically. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was involved in a community mapping and training project in Malawi last year and has been requested to provide baseline data of the affected areas.

26 February, 2015

Update about CAR Activation

12 October, 2014

Fieldwork in the heart of Shire (Week 5)

It is the second, and last week, of fieldwork in the Chikwawa district, with the necessity to cover all the most flood prone areas...

7 September, 2014

Project in Malawi starts in the field!

C'est un vrai plaisir pour moi de retourner au Malawi après une courte visite d'une semaine dernière l'année ! J'etais venu en tant que...

2 August, 2014

CAR Activation, Year 2

Cela fait maintenant plus d'un an que l'Activation pour la République centrafricaine a débuté. Cela fait aussi déjà trois mois depuis que j'ai publié...

25 April, 2014

Activation HOT en République centrafricaine : état de la progression

Merci à tous les contribueurs qui ont aidé à cartographier Bangui et Zemio la semaine dernière !   J'ai effectué une revue de l'état de la progression...

18 January, 2014

HOT Monitoring for the current Crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan is currently a top humanitarian focus if we consider the number of publications over the week on ReliefWeb.  Since violence increased in...

5 January, 2014

HOT Chilly Mapping - Ulaanbaatar Project Week 4

After two weeks of initial training about OSM and focus made on tracing over imagery, we started the field mapping on Monday 21. Our...

29 October, 2013

European Commission Joint Research Center and OpenStreetMap

Late March, just coming back from Burundi, I have been invited by Guido Lemoine from the Institute for the Protection and Security of the...

27 May, 2013

Starting a HOT Activation in Central African Republic

Bangui, la capitale de la République Centrafricaine, a été prise le 24 mars par les rebelles de la Séléka, trois mois après leur arrivée depuis les contrées septentrionales du pays. Dans la mesure où la situation dans la capitale est devenue assez tragique, comme elle l’était déjà depuis quelques temps pour de nombreuses autres villes et villages, il est temps maintenant de démarrer une Activation HOT officielle afin de répondre à cette crise. Dans les lignes qui suivent, je fais un rapide aperçu d’OSM dans le pays et des besoins à combler.

11 April, 2013

Burundi: maybe a small country, but great opportunities for open data with Eurosha

One Eurosha country we did not talk about so far here (sorry for this) is Burundi, this small but crowded country between DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania. There, Adelina, Alexandra, Anna, Désiré, Gloria, Iolanda and Marion are hosted in Bujumbura, the Capital city, and are lucky to live and work in a big, quite comfortable house called “Le Château” (“the Castle” in French, what is though a bit exaggerated: not so cosy, and more pasta for dinner than game birds...), without actually being hosted by lazy chatelaines, but fierce defenders of the open source and open data causes.[inline:DSC_0231 800x600.jpg]In the country, there was no local mappers, but already some areas traced remotely by foreigners, essentially over Bujumbura, sometimes from old Yahoo imagery.

21 February, 2013

Eurosha in Kenya: making-up and perspectives for the second Hot support

In Kenya, 6 Eurosha volunteers have been deployed since Early October. Caroline, and Hannington from Kenya and Janja, Barbara Lenka, Marine from Europe are all are hosted in Molo by People in Peril Association, a Eurosha partner that works with a Kenyan NGO called NECOFA (Network for Ecofarming in Africa) they fund with the support of Slovak Aid. Necofa acts on various areas in Central Kenya, especially along the Molo River. Necofa’s office in Molo is where the Eurosha volunteers normally works where they do not travel for their outreaching or collecting activities, using then a “matatu", a local minibus, used the rest of time for safaris.

12 February, 2013

Digital Humanitarian Network Simulation at ICCM Washington DC

Thanks to OCHA, I had the opportunity to participate in the whole ICCM (International Conference for Crisis Mappers) in Washington, DC, October 11-14. Organized...

3 November, 2012

Become a tutor of the Eurosha volunteers!

Nicolas and I have been training the 25 Eurosha volunteers who will be split in 4 four teams for being deployed 6 months in Chad, Central African Republic, Burundi and Kenya over the next 6 months, starting within the next 5-10 days. Marion, Gloria, Alexandra, Anna, Iolanda, Adelina, Désiré, Filip, Lenka, Federica, Jorieke, Morgane, Assania, Serge, Aude, Katerina, Claudia, Orsolya, Pascal, Nanhas, Barbara, Lenka (yes, there are 2 Lenka), Janja, Marine and Hannington are enthusiastic volunteers with social sciences, development, humanitarian or geography backgrounds for most of them, coming from Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Chad, Bulgaria, Burundi, France, Hungary, Kenya, Belgium, Slovenia and Central African Republic.[inline:P1200042 1024x768.JPG]

5 October, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac getting to Haiti

Came accross this serious hurricane warning today from NOAA, informing that the tropical storm Isaac may hit Haiti severely from the next 24-36 hours. We think it is worthy to take Isaac seriously and so we are starting a local preparation coordinated by Jaakko Helleranta and Brian Wolford who have been living in Haiti for almost two years and have carried out many OSM activities and participated to HOT programs there.

23 August, 2012

Return to the training in Saint-Marc, Haiti: mixing generic and specific teaching aid to build strong OSM mapping capacities

Our previous posts about the Saint-Marc, Haiti project did not focus really about the training made there, what was one the main activities as the objectives were both improving the baseline data and buildings strong local mapping capacities. We wish we would have posted this post earlier, but as it deals with a specific documentation whose main version was in French, we had to clean the English original version so that it fits with all the changes we made in the French one throughout the three months of the program.

24 June, 2012

Night Of The Living Maps in Saint-Marc, 02/07/2012

The week I arrived in Saint-Marc occurred the Night Of the Living Maps (NOTLM), a worldwide event within the OSM community, “where all mappers...

10 March, 2012

Hand over in Saint-Marc, Haiti

After the three weeks set up made by Nico and Brian, it is my turn to come on and support the project on the...

20 February, 2012

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