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Teg-wende Idriss TINTO

StaffCommunity Manager - West and Northern Africa


Teg-Wende Idriss TINTO has been reached by “open culture” as soon as he entered university some fifteen years ago. This led him to be a Mozilla representative for Burkina Faso for three years, then Ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation since 2013. He joined the public administration as a software engineer in 2014, where he soon put his passion, by integrating the Burkina Open Data Initiative (BODI) team as a data manager and ecosystem mobilization, in the early hours of open data in the Burkina administration. He was then appointed technical director of the BODI. In the public service, TINTO also served as a head of innovation in the National Agency for ICT promotion, and also as a Director of software development in the same agency.  In parallel with his work as a civil servant, Mr. Tinto co-founded and directed since 2013 a CSO called Open Burkina, which works to support organizations to better succeed in their data management journey. In 2017, he was selected to coordinate a network of Open Data actors in francophone Africa, called CAFDO, before he join HOT as a community manager.


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