Ivory Coast

HOT has been working remotely since December 2010 to provide geographic information following the Presidential Election crisis there. Volunteers have been tracing information from satellite imagery and importing already existing data. The OpenStreetMap information collected has been used as a datasource for MapAction included in the Common Operational Datasets of OCHA and used by the International Organization for Migration.

We have been fortunate to have satellite imagery donated specifically to assist in this effort from SPOT Image and have existing imagery from Bing Maps. Without having imagery available for volunteers to trace it would be impossible to be effective in this response. If you are interested in helping we are organizing on the OpenStreetMap Wiki in the Ivory Coast area. Even if you just have a couple minutes to trace road information there is plenty of satellite imagery that still needs to be looked at. For those working in the Ivory Coast the OpenStreetMap data is available as a daily shapefile extract from GeoFabrik.

Project type:
Disaster mapping
Oct, 31 2010 to Dec, 31 2011