Export Tool

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) coordinates the creation, production and distribution of free mapping resources around the world, which is generously contributed by volunteers in support of humanitarian relief efforts. One of the online services developed to assist with this effort is the Export Tool, which allows users to create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports in a number of file formats for various regions around the world.

The area of geographic interest is specified by the user with the indication of a map or by the input of coordinates, which is then exported along with a list of selected features, known as OSM tags. The extracted data is then provided in a variety of file formats including a Garmin Map, Google Earth KMZ file, ESRI Shapefile, SQLite, and an OSM source file. 

A major request during the community collaboration was for improved downloading of OSM data. And as with all online tools, there are bugs, feature requests, enhancements, modifications and overall development that needs to be addressed. After much discussion and to ensure that all the issues that need to be addressed under the Hewlett grant, which were voted on by the community, we have decided to re-write the tool in Python. This will streamline the tool, making it more efficient as well as allowing it to be dynamic and adaptable for future enhancements. Below are the key issues to be targeted under the re-write:


* Implement the redesign the User Interface (UI)

* Allow individual file formats to be selected for export

* Add the OSMAnd .obf file format 

* Improve help documentation of features 


Please visit the new OSM Export Tool2 GitHub repository for further details on the tools development. The new code which is being developed and managed by Brian O'Hare can also be viewed on GitHub. Please contact Mhairi O'Hara for further information regarding the project.




Project type:
Technical Projects
May, 18 2015 to Oct, 2 2016