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MapaNica - Mapping Public Transportation in Nicaragua




Mapping public transport networks in Nicaragua

2019 Microgrant

OSM’s aim is to continue mapping the public transit routes in Managua and surrounding cities, expecting to reach at least five new cities. They believe mapping is the first step towards improving the transportation system, while engaging new individuals in mapping. By engaging local stakeholders to use OSM for urban planning, the goal is to improve mobility and transport policies in the country.

About the community

OpenStreetMap Nicaragua, locally known as MapaNica, is a community of geographic information enthusiasts that values the use of collaborative technologies, open source and open data. It was started in December 2012 within the larger Free and Open Source Software Community in Nicaragua. Their main goal is to empower the people by providing the largest, most up-to-date and best quality geographic data set for the whole country under an open data license, enabling economic development and fostering innovation. To achieve this, they have recently conducted projects to map the public transport network in different cities. They have also promoted the mapping of public spaces and institutions like parks and universities. MapaNica currently has five active core members and dozens of volunteers that attend the mapping events.