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MapUganda: Photomapping Uganda’s New Cities Using Mapillary




Facebook Community Impact Microgrant

In July 2020, 15 municipalities in Uganda attained city status as a result of the ever-increasing population due to rural-to-urban migration. The new cities lack up-to-date geospatial information, limiting the effective extension and monitoring of services and settlement across these new cities. Information about road conditions, garbage collection, environmental degradation, and adherence to physical plans is not readily available to the city planners.

OpenStreetMap Uganda will build upon its existing remote mapping efforts in the ongoing “mapping of the new cities initiative” by engaging the YouthMapperchapters and the general OSM community in a nationwide Mapillary campaign to generate over 100,000 new street-level images. These will be used to add more detailed road information to OpenStreetMap, such as data about street lights, road conditions, building heights, building materials and business information, that will be shared and used by the Ministry of Lands and city authorities to plan and monitor the new cities more effectively.