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Mental Health aWHEREness Philippines: Reducing stigma and increasing access to mental health services




Mental Health aWHEREness aims to map more areas, train more people how to map, and build an evidence-base to show government and policy-makers where there is a lack of mental health resources available for those in need.

2020 Microgrant

To reduce the stigma and increase access to mental health services, Mental Health AWHEREness aims to use map data that highlights the locations and supports of mental health services and work with policy-makers to increase access for all.

Mental Health aWHEREness created an online platform and crowdsourced map that shows the locations and information on mental health services to make it easier for people to look for professional help. With a map, more people dealing with mental health issues can find the information they need safely, securely, and without judgement. Mental Health aWHEREness not only mobilizes volunteers to map where and what services are available and trains people how to map, but it also provides a non-judgemental space for people to talk about mental health.