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OpenStreetMap Iraq: Mapping to support humanitarian response




OSM Iraq are looking to create maps that support humanitarian response amidst ongoing conflict and natural disasters, with a focus on training youth to map their surroundings and identify their needs.

2020 Microgrant

Since the war started in Iraq in 2014, millions of people have been displaced, forced to leave their homes and set up in temporary camps, needing ongoing support from aid organizations to survive. Many organizations and government agencies are working tirelessly to assist people during this crisis, but they lack basic information such as how many people live in an area, if they have enough clean water, are the roads to settlements drivable.

OSM Iraq will be the first OpenStreetMap community in the country, with a goal to start populating unmapped areas with evidence-based data so organizations, such as the UN, have the information they need to carry out life-saving operations.