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OSM Mali: Developing the Community




Mapping Bamako city and rural Mali to inform development initiatives and health services.

OSM Mali have been active for several years, and are currently concentrating on three main projects. These are:

  • Mapping Bamako City: with the objective to improve the base map to inform development initiatives. The project is over 65% completed. OSM Mali have also been facilitating training sessions in Bamako in collaboration with Agetic, a Public Administration Office that works in the digital sector and advocates ICT in Mali to support students and graduates to become involved in the technology sector.
  • Mapping Health Sites: this project aims to collect data points of health facilities across Bamako, and eventually extending to all of Mali, in order to build an up-to-date database of health services.
  • Mapping areas in Rural Mali: OSM Mali are expanding their mapping efforts into rural parts of the country to provide data on public services to encourage development in these areas.
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