HOT has been working remotely to gather information for Somalia and the rest of the Horn of Africa. This is in response to the severe drought and famine crisis the is ongoing in the area. This response has included importing compatible data sources, negotiating for access to imagery and tracing of already available satellite information.

The biggest effort so far as been importing the "Mad Mappers" road information. This dataset appears to be the best publicly available road dataset for Somalia. Since there was already information in OpenStreetMap though performing the import took much patience. Schuyler Erle first mapping the information to the OpenStreetMap schema and divided the dataset in manageable chunks for volunteers to work. 128 files were posted and each one individual checked out and data that didn't exist in OpenStreetMap was uploaded. This data is meant to serve as a base for further mapping in the area from satellite imagery or other datasets as they become available. In addition to the import of information extensive tracing of imagery and public domain maps has occurred. This has happened primarily in two cities Muqdisho and Kismaayo.

As more imagery and information becomes available HOT will continue to work on getting it added to OpenStreetMap. There are already additional datasets available and outreach to data providers continues.

Project type:
Disaster mapping
Jul, 1 2011 to Dec, 31 2011