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YouthMappers Dhaka College - Improving Waste Removal




Using mapping in Dhaka to address a growing challenge many urban areas face: waste collection and removal.

2019 Microgrant

YouthMappers Dhaka College aims to address a growing challenge for many mega-cities across the world: waste removal. Dhaka’s population has boomed, causing local leaders to focus on several issues affecting individuals related to health and environment. But a cross-cutting issue is the 4,500 tons of waste produced on a daily basis in the city and few effective measures have been taken to mitigate the issue. YouthMappers Dhaka College plan to map all waste collection points in the city to make them easier to find and bring about behavior changes for better waste management practices. Better data will also help city planners determine the ratio of waste collection points to the population.

About the community

YouthMappers Dhaka College was formed in August 2016. As one of seven active YouthMappers chapters in Bangladesh, YouthMappers Dhaka College believes in teamwork and always prefer to work as a team rather than as individuals. Currently, there are 92 members dedicated to and passionate about mapping. The team is also collaborating with Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Operational Team (BHOOT), the core team from OSM Bangladesh community coordinating almost all the OSM & HOT activities in Bangladesh, and the OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Foundation (OSMBDF).