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News — 25 July, 2022

HOT Tasking Manager Collective: update on the journey so far- July 2022

Thank you to all the contributors and participants in the Tasking Manager Collective. Hope you enjoy reading some of the highlights since the start of our collaboration with the Kathmandu Living Labs team.

Hello Tasking Manager enthusiasts! It has been a while since you heard from us. We wanted to share some updates since we kicked off our collective efforts with the Kathmandu Living labs team on the Tasking Manager earlier this year and shared a blog on how to contribute.

What we have been up to:

A lot has been happening thanks to the hard working team at Kathmandu Living Labs, HOT_tech team and all of YOU contributing and joining the collective. Here are a few of the highlights that we wanted to update you on:

  • As an open tech collective, the focus has been on maintenance for the Tasking Manager, including a number of bug fixes and some feature enhancements. Some highlights include allowing users to select multiple tasks at once for validation, redirecting to previous project after unlocking tasks, and bringing Rapid ID in the Tasking Manager. All updates on progress of work are available on a monthly basis in the Github project board-Month Wise Updates column. Discussion on specific issues also happens publicly on Github.

  • We launched the monthly Tasking Manager Collective Meet Ups in April 2022 and we have really enjoyed having this space to interact directly with users, understand their needs better and prioritize based on user needs. Our focus from the start has always been on building with, for, and by the community and we are very excited that these meets up are taking place! All updates and links to presentations can be seen in the agenda rolling doc.

Meet Up -screenshot-0367cf.PNG

  • We asked contributors to support with testing before any changes go live. We are very thankful for the enthusiasm and the time dedicated by our users for testing. On a monthly basis, any issues ready for testing are publicly available on Github in the Testing Column. Join the #tasking-manager-testing Slack channel if you want to engage with others interested in testing!

  • HOT_tech team and the Kathmandu Living Labs team met in person in Kathmandu in June. We were very excited to have this opportunity to connect but also have a productive session. We looked at improving the labels being used on Github, how to improve the process for prioritisation and possibly archiving some issues. We also laughed a lot, listened to some traditional Nepali instruments and danced! In-person_KLL.jpg*

We are super thankful to everyone for the support so far. And in the future, we look forward to enhancing the user experience and bringing ways to encourage people to be even more engaged in collaborative mapping for humanitarian purpose. We welcome feedback at anytime on ways to improve, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly via Github, Slack or tech support.

What next:

  • Keep being an active part of the Tasking Manager Collective , share with your networks and other Tasking manager users who might want to join. You can comment or add issues on Github at anytime.
  • Register and join the next monthly Tasking Manager Meet up- Wednesday 3 August 9:00 or 15:00 UTC.
  • If you are attending FOSS4G in Florence in August, join our session Open Tech Collective: sharing HOT’s journey : FOSS4G 2022. We would love to see you there!