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News — 23 March, 2022

Welcome to the Tasking Manager Collective: how to join & contribute!

We are really excited to be working with Kathmandu Living Labs! Hopefully you have already seen the blog post in welcoming KLL to the collective. As quite a few of us are new to this collaboration we thought it would be useful to go through the process and ways in which you can get involved. Again, we are trialling this - any feedback and suggestions you have are more than welcome!

What is the Tasking Manager Collective

A few of you asked what the ‘collective’ means. A collective brings people with shared interests and shared purpose, coming together on shared ground to achieve a shared goal. A lot to be shared, right? The shared here is the Tasking Manager. If you are a mapper or a validator who has suggestions to improve the user experience of the Tasking Manager, or you are an open source developer who wants to contribute to the code on Github, then this is your place!

How to get involved in the Tasking Manager Collective There are a few ways in which you can get involved:

  1. Contribute: If you are a developer or a tech-savvy user familiar with Github, read our updated contributor guidelines that show you the various ways in which you can support! If you are not familiar with Github: send a support request to tech_support or post in the #tasking-manager Slack channel.
  2. See what’s happening this month: Github Project Board will be used to keep track of progress of work. You can see what has been done in the previous month, the current progress of work and what is being planned for the next month on Github.
  3. Join the Tasking Manager Collective Meet Up: Wednesday 6 April 9:00 UTC or 16:00 UTC! This will be the first Meet Up - an opportunity to meet other Tasking Manager enthusiasts, share ideas on how best to collaborate in prioritizing, testing and proposing changes for the Tasking Manager. We want to hear your views and create an inclusive process and space for collaboration as part of the collective!
  • Direct link for joining the Meet Up:

  • Calendar appointment with details: Wednesday 6 April 9:00 UTC OR 16:00 UTC. You can sign up here to receive a reminder about the meet up:

We look forward to collaborating with you! If you have any questions or feedback, please comment here.