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News — 15 June, 2010

Haiti mission 3 - First day in the UN logistics base in Port Au Prince

Kate and myself spent our first day in meetings to coordinate the activities planned for these 2 weeks with all UN actors in LogBase firming up training schedules, forming alliances and arranging logistics support for the training sessions scheduled in Port Au Prince, Jacmel, Leogane and Gonaive in terms of base camps, venue for training, lodging and travels in country.

The Port Au Prince trainings will be supported by OCHA, the Shelter Cluster and IOM in terms of coordination amongst international and national actors while logistics support will be provided by OCHA. OCHA and the Cluster Shelter agreed to play a lead role coordinating amongst humanitarian and national actors for the Jacmel and Leogane trainings sessions. The Shelter Cluster will provide two vehicles for the whole trip while UNDP & OCHA furnish the venues for the exercices. The trip to Gonaives will be supported by IOM from travel to venue.

We spent 1 hour training 10 staffs from IOM surveying with GPS to warm up for tomorrow/s training with humanitarian workers from the Shelter T Cluster.

Kate and Nicolas for HOT