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News — 09 February, 2011

Please join! HOT conference call, February 16 12pm EST

Hello all,

It's been an amazing year for OpenStreetMap and the H.O.T. community. We've supported humanitarian efforts and built capacities on every continent. Starting this month, there are almost 40 Haitians working on OSM full-time supporting the cholera response as the result of efforts by the community. We've incorporated HOT as a formal organization and are in the final stretch of obtaining 501c3 certification. Thanks to a partnership with SPOT we have increased access to raw imagery and there are ongoing conversations with a few other providers that will hopefully provide an even greater range of options soon. But there's a lot of work left to be done. Many goals which we've set out for ourselves that we haven't yet reached. The great news is that there are a lot of people who would like to be more involved.

A few of us thought an open conference call would let members of the community share what they've been working on, prioritize a few projects that could use some extra hands, and find some general consensus on how to best move forward.

Here's a draft agenda. Please use this wiki page to add items or make comments/suggestions.

  • Update on Haiti
  • Other Responses (Colombia, Pakistan, Cote d'Ivoire, Brazil)
  • SPOT and other imagery providers
  • The Humanitarian Data Model, ETL Services, and Symbology
  • Website, help with design and content needed
  • The HOT Wiki pages, need updating
  • Documentation and Training Materials need review and translation
  • Activation Protocols for coordination and interacting with other responders
  • Simulation/Training Sessions. Review of previous (MapAction, Standby Task Force, Camp Roberts), and further possibilities.
  • Technical Needs, there are many coding opportunities (Collaboration tools. Toolkits for setting up wiki pages in activation. Tasking server. Imagery portioner. Mobile data collection. Mapsomatic customization)

The call will be on Wednesday, February 16th at 12:00pm EST. The call-in line is provided by CrisisCommons; details to call in are posted to

We will also have open a back channel on, #hot (?) Since we could be a large group on the call, direct questions and comments there and the facilitator on the call will bring you into the phone discussion.

Your pals,

Mikel, Nicolas, Kate, Dane and Robert (HOT Board)