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News — 17 February, 2011

Tufts Crisis Mapping Class

The Tufts University Crisis Mapping Class is surveying the tools, ideas, and networks in new approaches to crisis response. There was a class on OpenStreetMap last night, and Rosalind Sewell asked HOT to present to the students. Academic networks are going to be key to increasing the ability of HOT to respond to every crisis, so we're very happy for the invitation.

Christian Spanring stepped up to lead the session. Reports are that it went really well, and that the students want more! Here's Christian with some lessons for HOT from the class..

I think it went well, but for an evaluation you would need to ask students ;-)

For future student/class sessions, I think it would help to narrow down the objective a little more, get a better sense about the students background, how tech/map savvy they are and what the class objectives are, what is it what they want to learn or get out of it.

You can obviously talk a long time about OSM and what's involved, which I did. the planned 15min ended up being about 45min and left only little room for hands-on.

But I think people were pretty excited about it, especially hands-on, using the tools and getting started.

If I would do it again, I would start hands-on from the beginning and try to inject theory (data model, tools, license, etc.) as we go.

It was fun though, and we really enjoyed "teaching" about OSM!

Thanks Christian and Roz!