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News — 11 March, 2011

An Midday Hour of Mapping on LogBase in Port au Prince

Erica and I have been in Haiti for almost a week. Inspiring and overwhelming, and lots to talk about. But for this moment, just a small slice of what's going on.

This is Rob Baker learning to survey with GPS in OpenStreetMap, being taught by Haiti OSM mapper Denny.

Notice anything unusual? This is the foreign super-connected techie learning the ropes from a citizen of a Haiti that's still struggling to emerge from the earthquake over a year ago.

One thing they mapped is this "Dodane", or speed bump. Perhaps the biggest change I've seen in Haiti this week is the proliferation of speed bumps on Logbase.

This is that speed bump on OSM. Notice the tag "photo_url" which links to Flickr. Follow that link and notice the link on the lower right hand side back to OSM to "This is a feature in OSM". Photos and maps are linked! This is the map of COSMHA's hopefully growing collection of photos in Haiti.