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News — 15 March, 2011

Haiti OSM Mapping for Japan and Libya

The COSMHA team came in for a training today on aerial imagery tracing and some review of fundamentals. Despite the initial remote Haiti OSM response being 100% aerial imagery tracing, the team on the ground has focused exclusively on GPS.

Why not expand on learning with an opportunity to contribute. We decided to focus imagery tracing on the HOT responses in Japan and Libya.

Did you hear that? This is Haitian OpenStreetMap mappers contributing to Japan and Libya. Check out the edits by rlouin, jean presler, Perest Jonas, and senatusgesner.

Jaakko has been living in Port au Prince, and drives through the city purely based on OSM. He's really motivated to have a good map!

He came it to review fundamentals. Over the day we covered subjects: road classification, positioning POI for accuracy vs cartography, how to use imagery in combination with GPS, the inaccuracy of GPS, login/logout of JOSM, resolving conflicts in JOSM, and the finer points of topology! I'm sharing the lessons from today with the folks back in Kibera, who will soon be doing the same kind of exercise with Sebastian.