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News — 11 September, 2011

Meeting face-to-face at SOTM Denver

Many members of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have managed to come together in Denver for the State Of The Map.

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Things are always a bit hectic at this conference. We'll have to try to report back more on some of the discussions we've had, when we all get chance to come up for air. Some notes from the face-to-face meeting yesterday will be put out on the HOT mailing list shortly but for now I thought I'd put this great photo on here. Thanks to Tom MacWright for taking it (CC BY 2.0)

[update: Initial meeting notes on the wiki here]

We're a worldwide community living on the internet, so sadly it will always be impossible to get everyone together, but it's really great to meet so many HOTties face-to-face in Denver.