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Apr, 29 2012
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On the evening of April 24th there was a graduation for the young people from Saint-Marc who participated in the OSM project. As is customary in Haiti, graduations are an important event. And this one was no different. Among those attending were leaders within USAID, other organizations, and the mayor of Saint-Marc. Many people gave speeches, certificates were dispersed, and there was even a song created by the participants about their experiences.

Here is a picture of the mayor of Saint-Marc addressing the program graduates. 

Friend Marc-Henry and USAID communicated how pleased they were with the project and the desire to see a program like this happen in the next location. 

Everyone was also very happy to receive their certificates. (I've never had to sign my name so many times.) 

And in the spirit of self serving here is a picture of yours truly giving my brief presentation in English on many of the "unseen" achievements of the program. 

Undoubtedly the highlight of the night tho was the song that the Saint-Marcians made about the program and learning OSM. With a special highlight to Kennedy's rap verses.

For the enjoyment of our international friends I have tried to make a translated to English version, but I'm afraid it no longer rhymes now...

English Translation

_verse 1_
We give time, we give sweat, so that we can learn mapping
Share everything with our brothers, and between us put the love
To beautify our country on the map is what guides our spirit
Thank you Guensmork, HOT, OSM, USAID
All the people who support us they teach us how to mix ideas together
To develop Haiti we participate actively Mapping all places in collaboration
Lets all put our hands for a single movement

_verse 2_
The youth will lead Haiti in a beautiful technology
We feel pride to grow within one ideology
From WALKING with GPS takes my points
Creating a map for the future is our vision
With allot of gratitude we say thank you to C-OSM.Ha
Let’s all get together to bring it out of a coma

Mobilize good motivations to learn a training
Every day we wake-up to go on a field mission to bring information
Those who don’t understand us try to make fun of us or deceive us
We will keep giving good service without making exception