Indonesian Project Report: Get it while it's HOT

Cover of the report "Community Mapping for Exposure in Indonesia"
Posted by:
Katrina E.
Date posted:
Jul, 31 2012

Kate Chapman, with assistance from Emir Hartato, her Indonesian teammate, and editing assistance from members of HOT and AusAID, officially finished the project report for their work earlier in the year (March 2011 to March 2012). The  Report: Community Mapping for Exposure in Indonesia details the initial workshops, key accomplishments, university competitions, and new software, support and resources developed.

You can read about the beginning workshops, which trained leaders of differing fields to use OSM to collect building and infrastructure data. The gathered information can then be used in QGIS and in “Inasafe,” the risk modelling software program developed by AIFDR and GFDRR, to create scenarios and measure exposure. The report also offers recommendations for improving data collection and resources for Indonesia's initiatives to gather exposure data.

You can also get further details about the plug-ins developed in response to this project. Like other contributors of OSM tools, HOT has created software to fill gaps in the varying uses of the open source spatial data. Thus far, the project initiated the development of the Tasking Manager, a program that coordinates data collection; and SDS plugin (details), or private data storage for information, like household income.

This  Report: Community Mapping for Exposure in Indonesia answers any questions you may have concerning what HOT has been doing in Indonesia, who we are working with and what the future has in store, such as training a team of Indonesian students to teach the workshops.

Enjoy reading it!