Mali Activation

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Feb, 1 2013

This Activation follows discussions between HOT and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs for Mali (UNOCHA-Mali). The ungoing efforts to map Mali are very helpfull to humanitarian organizations. To support the Clusters coordination system and the humanitarian community, we are asked to continue the ungoing base mapping and to contribute to the geolocation of existing datasets for basic services.

On Jan 16 2013, the UNOCHA-Mali and his humanitarian partners have highlighted the complex emergency situation in Mali.

  • An estimated 228,920 people are displaced inside Mali.
  • There are an estimated 144,446 Malian refugees in neighbouring countries.
  • The protection of civilians in the north is a key humanitarian concern. Other priority needs include food, shelter, cash transfers and health services.

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Organisers Contacts

Leading this project : UNOCHA-Mali
Mapping support from HOT :
Coordination : Pierre Béland and Frédéric Bonifas.
Initial project building and ongoing support : Nicolas Chavent

Priority areas

Tasking Manager jobs for Mali are already defined. This crowdsourcing approach assures coordination of mapping by numerous contributors.

These tasks have been defined to respond to priority areas expressed by humanitarians and OCHA. Highest priority was expressed for for Bamako, Segou, Mopti, Gao, Tombouctou and Kidal . We will be mapping many of the standard OpenStreetMap priorities, including roads, airports, waterways, buildings and landuse areas. In addition we are asked to contribute to support in Common and Fundamental Operational Datasets (COD/FOD).

BSU (Basic Services Utilities) Points of Interest (POIs)

  • Health Facilities
  • Schools
  • Water points

Volunteers with local knowledge

We are looking for volunteers to geolocate facilities in infrastructure described in datasets provided by our partners.

Keep informed of the process

To follow the progress of the project please follow updates on this blog, as well as further details on the HOT mailing list and the Mali Activation Wiki page. Information is also provided via Twitter hotosm and Facebook hotosm.