Syria Activation Update: Our progress so far

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Feb, 6 2013

After a week and a half of work on the current Syria activation, we have made pleasing progress and have seen some fantastic results. Volunteers have begun mapping highlighted areas from the available Bing aerial imagery, the first three of which have been completed:

A massive thanks to everyone who contributed to these. Also please be aware that we're grateful to anyone that traces areas of Syria not covered by a task. Having said that, I've just added the next three jobs to the Tasking Manager:

The products of OSM tracing are already visible in the mapping products produced by our partners at MapAction; their Syria page has a list of links to reference mapping including OSM data. These reference are in active use and your contributions to OpenStreetMap are extremely valuable.

If you would like to contribute to Syria tracing, via the tasks above or otherwise, but feel that you don't have the necessary experience, please get in contact via the HOT mailing list as we are beginning to organise online training sessions.

We have been provided with a list of place names to be georeferenced; this shall be the subject of a future blog post. Before that, however, we should be thanking everyone who has contributed so far and looking forward to continuing great contributions to OpenStreetMap and the Syrian humanitarian situation.