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News — 01 December, 2013

Mapping Request for Carles area (Typhoon Haiyan)

We have a specific mapping request from Robert Bannick of the American Red Cross. Can you lend some time and tackle a tile?

Hello HOT Community,

Hello from Tacloban. Recovery work for Typhoon Yolanda is gathering steam in the Philippines and with it the need for highly detailed data. I'm here working with the REACH Initiative to conduct a rapid shelter assessment which will be used to inform shelter reconstruction planning for the entire recovery operation. In the course of these surveys we're testing the accuracy of damage assessments conducted through OSM and developing methodologies to join relevant survey data to OSM map features.

One of the municipalities selected for assessment is Carles on the northeasten tip of Panay. We're hoping to use OSM to better plan the logistics and administration of our assessment surveys and in turn generate more useful data for OSM. If possible we'll obtain post-disaster imagery and set up a separate task to crowd source damage assessments that we can validate in the field.

We need your help to get this done in time. Our assessment will be happening later this week, most likely Friday, so we need the community's help to trace the relevant data in time. If you have the time and inclination, please take a cell or 20 and chip in. If the data is good enough it will be used by humanitarian responders.

Many thanks to all of you for the time and effort you've given so far. GIS folks in the field are all raving about the quality and thoroughness of the data that OSM provides to this response.


Robert Banick | Field GIS Coordinator | International Services | Ì American Red Cross *


Carles task in HOT's Tasking Manager via Tim Waters:

Here are some other map and video details from Jean-Guilhem Cailton:

  • (Carles)
  • (Isla Gigantes)
  • (Calagna-an Island)

Also see this short video of an aerial survey over devastated Panay Island:

Normally emails would not be posted in full, but I think that the content speaks better for itself than any re-writing or quoting I could do. Robert and REACH team, thanks so much for the request.