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News — 26 March, 2014

Mapping Guinea: Help Wanted

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Switzerland rapidly needs maps of three towns in order to support their relief efforts of an ebola-like outbreak in Guinea. Through their partner CartONG, MSF-CH is requesting assistance from HOT as this area is currently unmapped. New high resolution Pleiades 1-A satellite imagery has been acquired and is hosted by OSM-Fr. It covers the three largest towns in the affected area.


The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has prepared Task Manager jobs for the three towns to be mapped. We consider this to be a high priority for the next few days and will be working on this until the towns are complete.



The Map Request:


The highest priority task covers Guéckédou:


The two other cities included in this activation are:







Imagery to Trace:


Imagery instructions are provided within the task details. Since we do not currently have GPS traces of the cities we cannot be sure of the imagery alignment, but CartONG are currently working with people on the ground to try to acquire some GPS traces within the affected areas.  For now we will simply assume the imagery is aligned and then correct it later if we find otherwise.


New to OSM and HOT?


The community will help you learn, simply join us on IRC or Mumble to get connected to this community effort (for French speakers, CartONG is also organizing a local chatroom on Skype, contact martin.noblecourt). Here are some more details to help you get started: